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Photo Challenge | 365 Photo Week 1

This year I decided that I would start the year off on a learning spree. What better way to better your photo taking skills than to take a photo a day (in reality its more like 20+ and pick your favorites). So with that I hope to post weekly the photos Joe and I have taken for the week. There will be added ones in there since some are sooo silly I could not leave them out.

This first week was alot of fun and it really gives you a second a day to stop and find something to enjoy. I hope you all enjoy seeing pictures of the kids because I’m sure there will be alot of them. So here it goes Week 1 of 2012.


Day 1

The first photo of the challenge and first kiss of the New Year!


One other goal of mine is to read a little more every day to better my self and keep learning new things. Here are some of my nightly readings.

Day 2

I remember as a little girl loving to crawl up on mommy and daddy’s big bed. Knowing that Noah was asleep, I told Abbee we should read our night time story in my bed. She was so happy to see daddy came home early so she started to “Abbee read” the Curious George book to him.


Day 3

Noah has 6 teeth now and the best way to get a good look is to get him to giggle and laugh, its better than him biting down on your finger. This little guy has very painful bites, but his giggles are priceless.

Ok so you can’t see all 6 but they are there.


Day 4

The lighting in our bedroom is one of my favorite places to photograph the kids in. Even on a rainy overcast day you get just the right amount of light. Our silly boy probably just made a mess on his underpants and was getting changed. If you don’t know him these 2 pictures are the best description of him. He has the most peaceful look when he is lost in thought or just studying what your doing. When you crack a smile in his direction or begin to play peak-a-boo he lights up. It’s as if he’s saying “You brightened my day, now I would like to brighten yours”.

Some of the best pictures are the in-between ones where you caught the change in faces or snapped an extra just for fun.Abbee wanted to be in the picture and had just given Noah a big hug but we were not quick enough to catch it and when we asked again she decided to just be her silly self. Noah kept the silly faces coming too.


Day 5

This time I wanted to make sure that we were using our daily picture to capture something that the kids might grow out of that we will miss. You can probably guess from the one of Noah and I what I was going for. He thought he would add his own little bit of funny faces to the shoot.

Yep! his chubby cheeks! I know one day he will out grow them and be too grown up for mommy to kiss him when ever I wish. But for now I will get my kisses worth.The one of Abbee is her sweet girl time. She loves to wrap her arms around our shoulders if one of us is sitting on the ground. There is not a time that goes by that she turned down a chance to give daddy a kiss.


Day 6

This weekend I took the kids down to see Auntie Grace and Uncle Sean. Abbee love it when we go down to Seattle. She knows that we will see Auntie Grace, Uncle Sean, Auntie Lulu and Uncle Travis and soon Baby Clyde. She has to ask about each of them the whole drive down and the drive back she is saying bye-bye and blowing kisses.

Auntie Grace just happened to have some masks that she had used from new years and Abbee had so much fun with the one with feathers.

Day 7

Getting to see Auntie Lulu while we all walked around Queen Anne for lunch. This is her reaction to me now when I ask her to “smile for mommy please”.


Day 8

Panda! Abbee was about a year old when she was over at Great Grandma Thompsons’ house, and grandma found this panda she had for years to her play with. She has been sleeping with it ever since.

Oh and you can’t leave out the movie of the month….Toy Story. Good thing we have all 3 of them to cycle through. Hope you all had a great first week of the new year. Try to take some time and enjoy the things around you that you will miss. It’s hard to fully understand how fast time really goes. More to come next week.

  • Aunt Michelle1.09.12 - 4:03 pm

    What a great idea! I love these photos and the emotions that come with them! I just sat and cried wishing I could be there to share in their lives. But know this, that not a day goes by that I don’t pray for each one of you. I look so forward to the day that we can all be together. Love you all Anty M

  • enenHauBy1.26.12 - 11:47 am

    Hello! Just want to say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.