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Photo Challenge | 365 Photo Week 2

Week 2 of 2012 is complete!

I am really enjoying this entire idea of the year in photos. It’s helping my document some every fun times in the year.

Sooo here they are…

Day 9

Abbee and Noah received a red wagon and toy car for Christmas from a very close family friend in Arizona. Of course we had to put them together right away and with the rainy day she got a chance to drive it in the house for one day. We had some license plates that my mother in Arizona had sent a while ago and they went perfect on the car.

Day 10

When there is a cool toy kids will remember the moment they wake up about it and ask where it is. It almost seems as though they dreamed about it all night.

Day 11

One of the best parts about bath time is the silly hair moments. I always would make my hair into something funny when I had soap in it as a kid (possibly still do).

Day 12

Noah and Abbee are in love with bath time. Maybe it’s the warm relaxing water, the colorful animal toys or just the bubbles. Which ever it is I think it might be Noahs first word when he learns how to speak. This silly boy will hear the water running to get the bath started and will begin to crawl as fast as possible to the bathroom.  He will be crying the whole way, as if you were not going to let him in it, once he gets to the tub he will pound on it till you get him in.

We had to do silly hair again.Day 13

We are so blessed to have such beautiful areas not far from us to take small day trips to. The day before Abbee must of heard us talking about the chance of snow so she made the request to go see snow.  We decided to take the kids to Mt.Baker and it was a beautiful day!

Abbee could spend all day in the snow! She didn’t want to leave.We recently noticed Noah trying to stand unsupported and found out that if you hand him something he will forget that you are not holding his hands and just stand.Day 14

Joe and I have been working on our branding and perfecting the appearance of the company. Everything that we have looked over has proven that effective branding is a part of you since you are the brand. It hit me the other day that even though we liked the direction we were going in our branding with the seafoam green I did not LOVE it. As I was looking on Etsy the other day helping a friend out with wedding planning I figured it out. YELLOW! it has always been my favorite color and I even had cravings when I was pregnant for things in the color yellow. So why not make that Patience Ivory Photography? You will notice a few things being changed on the blog in the next few days. Please hang in there with us, we are so excited about it and will have it all set up soon!

Day 15

Snow! I was beginning to think that it might not snow this winter. Abbee and Noah woke up to the winter wonder land that she had been hoping for. So after my shift I get her all bundled up and we went out side and made snowmen…more like snowfamily. Abbee was a great helper.

This one was baby “Noah”. I asked Abbee to sit next to her brother and she got so adorable. This was “dada” and “mama”Abbee and Noah snowmen.I asked her to five the “dada”. She decided to hug and kiss it too. She loves her dad soo much!

We had a great week and I hope you all enjoyed the pictures.