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Photo Challenge | 365 Photo Week 3

Day 16

Today was the most fun I have ever had in the snow. It was falling so beautifully in our backyard and Abbee and I had to make the rest of the family come out and play with us. I think inside I felt the same age as Abbee and would of spent all afternoon outside if I could have.

These pictures make me think back to those small moments when the rush of life was not around and you got the chance to play with your daddy. I’m so glad that we have the chance to spend this time with our kids.I think this picture is going to be my favorite one for a long time.Abbee and I trying to make snow angels… I forgot how cold it is when you have to lay in it.A moment just the two of us.

After a lot of playing the the snow she gets the cutest rosy cheeks.

Day 17

The best thing on a winter morning for breakfast… French toast!

Day 18

The snow today was not the kind to play in so we had a lazy day inside. Abbee got her wish to watch Toy Story 3 again.

Our kitty Winnie admiring the snow from a safe distance. She loves to be outside but not in the snow.Day 19

Had to leave the house today we were getting too cagey and could not stay inside any longer. So we ran some errands and picked up Uncle Ben to hang out with. Noah watching the freezing rain fall outside and Abbee getting excited for Uncle Ben!

Day 20

Joe was making spaghetti for dinner and Noah must have thought that it smelled good because he came in to the kitchen and began to cry and pull on Joe’s pant leg to get up. I could not help it, Noah is one of the cutest babies when he cries. He was all smiles after Joe picked him up.

Day 21

We took the family down to Zuanich park today. I forgot how windy it always is down there.  We didn’t last very long before we decided to get back in the car. They were getting ready for crab season with the bright colored crab pots.

Abbee loves story time and even more she loves the “Good night moon” bookPenguin…check, Abbee’s blanket…check, Little man in crib…check.After the kids were in bed Joe and I decided to play around with our flash set up. It had been one of those days and I wanted to find a rock to crawl under by the end of it. Joe helped lighten the evening by writing me a little love note on Abbee’s toy.  “I love you!….even when things aren’t perfect”.Day 22

I was having fun with Abbee this afternoon and was rolling her up as a worm in a blanket. She thought that it was the funniest thing and did not want to get out of it.  Glad my little girl has a sense of humor like me.

Noah had just woke up from nap and was playing with his lamb farm animal. He kept getting distracted with the wind and rain outside that was melting all the snow from the past several days.So proud that he can stand up.The last of the family of 4 snowmen that Abbee and I had made last week. Sad to see him this way, but so ready for spring to get come.

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  • Pat Thompson1.24.12 - 6:03 pm

    Awesome pictures! Hope we can see you all in person soon. Love, Pat/Nana