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Photo Challenge | 365 Photo Week 4


In a week that is filled with rain and little sun, photo time has been the joy to my days.

Day 23

This was one of those evenings when it was time for bed and both kids just wanted to play more. Noah is finding Abbee more funny every day. I think the ear muffs were a big help to her silliness. One of my friends gave her the ear muffs and all day long she wants to wear them. It’s very cute.

The smile that Noah has for his sister is one of the cutest I have ever seen.


Day 24

I love it when I get even closer to having a project done that I have had in mind for some time. We tend to take so many great pictures of the kids and forget to hang them up around the house. This week I changed that. It’s not 100% complete. I think we might add another photo or some words to the wall but, its a great improvement to the living room.

Day 25

We have been looking in to purchasing our next lens the 105mm. Then Joe remembered that we had a set of 3 extension tubes that attach to our current lens. I’m sure we will eventually get the 105mm but for now this does the job very nicely. It’s Joe’s wedding band and one of my succulent plants.

Day 26

He is such an observer. When I see him studying things so hard I think he is going to turn around and ask me a question. Of course the “MaMa and DaDa” should come first. Yet with the amount of concentration he gives to studying things he might skip the little words.  I’m sure one of these days he is going to have so much to talk to me about.


Day 27

Aunts and Uncles have a special place in the kids hearts. We all were very happy to have Joe’s brother and sister over for the evening. We had to snap a few before bed pictures.

Noah will make the kissing face and smack his lips now.

Noah looking out for his teeth and Abbee loveing on baby Clyde.


Day 28

I love the chance to get crafty! My sister in law is going to be having her baby soon and I got the chance to put the shower together. I was so happy there were lots of friends and family there. The cake was so amazing and tasted even better than it looks. The clover is because daddy is Irish and they have chosen an adorable Irish name for the little one!

I was so glad that my sister Grace was able to make it up for the party.

My cousin (in-law) and her sweet daughter.


Day 29

Abbee gets her love for crafts from both her grandma’s and of course me. She can not wait to go to church on Sundays. This is her craft from today.

I was playing around with the extension tubes. Trying to get a good detail of her beautiful eyes.

The rain took a small break and I was able to play with the extension tubes a little bit out side too.

So excited for next week! Come back to see more the first month is almost over.

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  • Cynthia1.31.12 - 3:01 am

    Your pictures are just beautiful! I especially like the ones of Noah at the window, Abee’s eyes and the one with Lucy. Thank you so much for putting these online. I really enjoy them.