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Photo Challenge | 365 Photo Week 6

So sorry this was late. I think it will be normal for February 365 posts to be a little late. We have 3 birthdays in our house this month and 7 total birthdays in the family. Funny how that happens in the month with the least amount of days.

Day 37

Had a last second trip down to Tacoma to help Joe out. I don’t mind it when I have coffee and a yummy dinner with the hubby and kids.

Day 38

Oh NO! I missed a day… bummer. Well it was a busy day for us at home. Joe was down in Tacoma for his Air National Guard week and turned 30 today.

Day 39

A lazy rainy day in the house with the kids.

I had to post this silly face of Noah biting on his spoon. It must make his teeth not hurt so much, or he loves to be silly.Day 40

Sweet moment with the kids getting ready for bed.

Abbee was in the background taking a picture of Noah with her camera.Day 41

My sister and I were talking on the phone and realized that we want to hang out. So I loaded the kids up and went down to Seattle to spend the night and have some time away from home. The kids love seeing Auntie Grace and her kitties.

Day 42

Getting ready to go back up to Ferndale. Had a great time with Auntie Grace.

My wonderful sister and her 2 beautiful cats.Day 43

Back home getting ready for daddy to return from being gone all week. Had to get the house all set up to show him how happy we are to have him back and celebrate his belated birthday. Abbee was helping me make White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake from scratch and blow up his 30 balloons.

We even had a little time left over to make some home made party hats.