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Photo Challenge | 365 Photo Week 7

Day 44

This was the day that we celebrated Joe’s 30th birthday! Abbee was so excited for us all to wear out hats but Noah did not share in the same joy. He had his hat on long enough to take this cute picture.

Abbee was helping daddy blow all 30 candles out. I purchased the sparkler candles and didn’t realize that they were the “trick” candles. You can see the smoke from the many candles while they watch for them to re-light themselves.Abbee received her gift from Nana and Papa today. She couldn’t help but everything on at once. It goes with out saying she LOVES being a cowgirl (with a watch).True cowgirls have to chew on a piece of straw… I don’t think she was very fond of the taste though.Abbee wanted Noah to try the hat on. He’s going to have to warm up a little bit to wearing things on his head. Day 45

Noah has been so happy wandering around the floor with all the balloons from our birthdays this month. It is like an endless amount of balls all over the room that he can play with. I love this little guys smile!

Day 46

Noah was playing with Joe this afternoon. Joe started to tickle his cheek and he got all peaceful. It was the cutest thing seeing him look at Joe.

Day 47

Abbee not wanting to take off her Cowgirl hat.

Day 48

Happy Birthday Abbee! We love you so much sweetheart!

I made Abbee’s favorite for breakfast…Waffles! She wanted the candle on them so we sang her happy birthday at breakfast and let her blow out the candle a few times.

It was so nice when we decided to take our little birthday girl out for a photo shoot but as soon as we left the house it started to rain.  When I say rain, I really mean POUR! There aren’t a lot of good covered areas to take photos under but we eventually found our way to the old Bellingham train station.  It was good enough to get a few photos before we all got cold and wet and decided to go back home to warm up.

We had cupcakes when we returned home and sang to Abbee again. She loves birthdays!Noah was watching Abbee blow out her candles and them re-light on their own and he began to laugh at it.Those were some very yummy cupcakes. Strawberry with raspberry cream cheese frosting and chocolate sprinkles!Day 49

Today we got together with the rest of the family and celebrated the 6 February birthdays in the family.

Our nephew Cooper and his sister Kelsey were tucked under the covers down stairs watching Monsters INC. I hope they stay close friends while they grow up. Kelsey always twirls her hair when she watches movies.While I was down there Abbee sat up and did the cutest thing! She must have been tired of laying back, so she sat up and placed her head in her hands to watch the movie. I was so happy that I had the camera ready to capture this adorable photo of her.

Day 50

Abbee playing with one of the birthday gifts that her cousins gave her. She is doing so good at matching them up and learning all the names.