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Bellingham Hospital Session | Twins Jaxon + Brody

There is a joy in every newborn baby, a happiness that brightens the world around you. As I look back on the pictures of my children I always seem to pause longer at the pictures in the hospital. Those first few hours when all you can do is study this new little bundle of joy are so special!  You have been thinking about them nonstop for 9 months and they are finally here.  This feeling is a feeling that I have never felt any other place and I love to look back at all of our pictures from the hospital because it brings back the memories and feelings that I had when I first saw both of my babies.

It was a very special moment to be able to meet these beautiful twins when they were only two days old. The wonderful story of what their parents have gone through to get to this moment is so heartwarming.

Congratulations Anthony and Kristina, we are so honored to have been a part of this moment in your lives.