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Birch Bay Portrait Session | Black Maternity

This is one of our most touching photo sessions of all time. I had the chance to get to know Kristina through working at The Woods Coffee. She is such a wonderful person and we are so honored to have the opportunity to take maternity pictures for her and her wonderful husband Anthony. If you already know Kristina you know what both of them have gone through to get to this wonderful moment in their lives. For those of you who don’t know them, this is the story so far:

Kristina & Anthony’s Miracles.

In April 1999 Kristina was misdiagnosed with a ruptured appendix for 4 days. After 12 days in the hospital, she recovered, but little did she know… more problems to come.

After 4 more surgeries to remove cysts and scar tissue she lost her right ovary and fallopian tube.  All of this at the age of only 19.

Kristina and Anthony tried to get pregnant for almost a year, before learning that natural pregnancy was more than likely not going to happen for the two of them.

In November of 2010 she went in for a total hysterectomy, crushing her dreams of ever experiencing pregnancy or having her own babies by birth, but ready to move on in a pain free life. In the midst of the surgery/procedure, the doctors found what “could be” the problem, and decided to leave her remaining ovary and uterus, in hopes of buying them some time to hopefully give her the chance to carry a child.

Finally in June 2011, everything fell into place for Kristina and Anthony. They were approved for a one time shot at doing “IVF” (In vitro fertilization). With the power of prayer, it was a success.

Kristina and Anthony found out in August 2011 that they were pregnant. A few weeks later, they found out they were pregnant with twin boys.

After 13yrs of pain, several surgeries, lots of tears, emotions, and hundreds of prayers, Kristina and Anthony are going to welcome their little miracles, Brody and Jaxon, into the world this April.

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  • Merrilee3.15.12 - 2:14 pm

    Beautiful job. And such a sweet story. I’m so happy for those two boys, you can already tell how incredibly loved they will be.