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Ferndale Portrait Session | Gross Family

Spending time with family is one of the dearest things in the world. Between both sides of our family we have over 6 birthdays that we celebrate. Joe and I were very excited when his sister asked to have family pictures taken. In larger families it is not easy to all be together in one place and in a great mood for photos. Today was perfect other than the rain, but we made it work. We had made plans to go out to the park, yet of course you should always plan that in February you will have rain. There was no stopping us from doing the photo shoot so we moved it downstairs in Joe’s parents house. His mothers guest room has such beautiful light that streams in through the windows. We had a great time with our nieces and nephew and let them even jump on the bed for a few photos.We love taking photos of siblings and their love for each other.Sweet little Kelsey has such beautiful long hair.It feels like it was yesterday that I remember Cooper being born and meeting him for the first time.Ashtyn is taller every time I see her, wish I could get time to slow down a little.Baylie is the oldest and is growing up so fast.

Zak had a wonderful idea for a photo and it turned out great! Love it when others have awesome ideas.