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Green Lake Engagement Photography | Rob and Cheryl

bellingham-wedding-photography-on-film-by-joe-and-patience005 bellingham-wedding-photography-on-film-by-joe-and-patience004 bellingham-wedding-photography-on-film-by-joe-and-patience009 bellingham-wedding-photography-on-film-by-joe-and-patience011 bellingham-wedding-photography-on-film-by-joe-and-patience001 bellingham-wedding-photography-on-film-by-joe-and-patience002 bellingham-wedding-photography-on-film-by-joe-and-patience013 bellingham-wedding-photography-on-film-by-joe-and-patience012 bellingham-wedding-photography-on-film-by-joe-and-patience014 bellingham-wedding-photography-on-film-by-joe-and-patience007 bellingham-wedding-photography-on-film-by-joe-and-patience006 bellingham-wedding-photography-on-film-by-joe-and-patience008

Green Lake was one of the many places in Seattle we hear mentioned in normal conversation but for whatever reason we had never been there until we had the opportunity to take Rob and Cheryl’s engagement photos this spring.

What a wonderful place! It was the perfect setting to spend some time with such a great couple. We cant wait for their wedding at DeLille Cellars this fall!

All photos taken with a Pentax 67 and Nikon F100 on Fuji 400h. Developed by PhotoVision.