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Happy Anniversary | Dave + Kattina!

When Joe and I hear the word “adventure” we think of these two! One year ago today Dave and Kattina said “I do” and we had the honor of being a part of their “amazing race wedding”.  At the first meeting to talk about the wedding day they described a scavenger hunt that the guests would be going on to get to the reception location and we know it would be a wedding we could not miss. They had a beautiful ceremony with family and friends on the grass at Myrtle Edwards Park, Seattle. Then the scavenger took the guest to many locations around Seattle. There were places that were both a must-see for visitors and places with memories from their time dating. While the guests were looking for the next clues we were able to get to know this wonderful couple and take their portraits at the Olympic Sculpture Park. We found out that only 2 days after the wedding they would be moving to Singapore.  Thank you so much to Dave and Kattina for choosing us to be your photographers on your memorable wedding adventure!