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The Thompsons | A day at Semiahmoo Beach

When God blesses you with sun make sure you tell him how much you loved it. Today I felt like calling around to everyone to get them to come to the beach with us. I was certain that the weather was going to be amazing. We didn’t want to waste a moment of it so we got dressed and loaded the kids up along with 2 digital cameras and 3 film cameras. Then off to the beach we went.I love this picture of Joe. It’s very rare that I can take a picture of him with out a camera in front of his face on a beautiful day like this.

The last time that Noah was at the beach was the end of last summer and he wasn’t really ready to explore things like he is now. He loved all the different rocks he could pick up and the fun shells to play with.

Abbee and I were walking out in the sand and I noticed this shell sticking out of the ground. I moved it to see how big it was and to our surprise it was a full shell!Such a cute picture of Abbee showing Joe the shell and how big it is in her hands.I did not even think to check the tide level before leaving home. It was in our favor, wow it was so beautiful!When Joe and I were looking into names for Abbee we wanted one that had a great meaning. Her name could not be more perfect Abigail means “Fathers Joy” and she definitely is that and more. I am so happy that Joe gets time to spend with the kids at while they are young.  He is such a wonderful father and I could not ask for anything more.I don’t know how she does it. Abbee can find the most interesting things no matter where she is. She found a Maglite and it actually still worked!
  • Michelle2.29.12 - 4:10 pm

    Patience,Joe,Abbee and Noah,
    Wow! thank you so much for sharing your day! I love seeing pictures of all of you! What a blessing you all are in my life! So did Abbee keep the shell for her collection? I hope so. I miss you guys so bad. I pray that you always know how much your Aunt from Az loves you.

  • Elizabeth Santos3.03.12 - 5:23 pm

    These are fantastic–I love Abbee’s expression upon finding the ultimate beach treasure–Maglite! Really, the pictures you two take keep getting more and more beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us!