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What to wear? | Family sessions

There are two questions that seem to go together when we are setting up any photo shoot. “What should we wear?” and “Where do you think we should go?” both great questions that play big roles in the pictures. If there is anything that we would want people to get from this post, please remember We want you to be comfortable. You will look amazing in anything as long as you wear something that you feel good in.

Things to avoid: Large logos in family pictures can often be more of a distraction even if it is the only shirt that goes with the family’s attire. A good fix for that is to bring a jacket so that the logo is not so visible, but you still are in the color scheme. Along the same line of logos would be a shirt that has some kind of a scene. The last thing you would want is people asking “what is on your shirt?” (unless your taking an ugly Christmas sweater picture).

When picking your outfit(s) I always ask people if there is an item that they know they want in the photo session. For example: a hat or scarf that you love, a pair of shoes that you have had your eye on but need that reason to justify buying. Even a favorite color that you look good in is a great place to start. A wonderful website that we found is Perfect Palette , it’s a great place to pick a color that you like and see other colors that work with it.

Here are a few examples from our family sessions that we think you can get some great inspiration from.

The location was a big part in the color choices for this family. They chose colors that separated them from the scenery and still allowed them to be the main focal point. Even though wearing white or black could have worked they decided to have a little fun and added their own color. (more from this session)

For this portrait session she choose a color that she knew would work with her skin tone and also keep her blue eyes a wonderful focal point. The accent items of her ring and necklace were perfect to give her outfit a completed look. Of course you know she felt comfortable and like her self in the chucks and you can never go wrong with those.

I seem to always find wonderful outfits for my kids with a fun multicolored print or plaid and then build Joe and my outfit from an accent color. This fall family session was great time for this adorable girl to wear her green dress.  Her big brother had a sweater that added just the right amount of other colors but show that they are still a duet.  (more from this session)

This session was one that I knew that I wanted Abbee to wear the dress that was made out of Joes grandpa’s shirt. Knowing that we were going to be in the long grass and that it was going to add it’s own color to the scene I was hesitant to add any other colors. We were able to keep with a common feel with out all wearing the same white shirt and that helped separate us from the sky in the background.

Little miss adorable and her cute dress. It’s not just that her dress has such a fun print that makes this session, it’s that she LOVES  this dress she is able to be her adorable self in it. The family has the perfect mix of accent shades to tie the photo together.

These pictures of our children Noah and Abbee were taken at the beach. The blue separates them from the surrounding environment along with giving a little added boost to Noah’s blue eyes. (more from this session)

When thinking about your outfit(s) and the locations it is perfect to do less color in your attire when the background is colorful. This is a great session to show that her scarf added a just enough color to draw your eye to the family with the more plain location. While their darker jackets separated them from the environment. (more from this session)

Giving every one their own personality while keeping a common thread can be hard. This family did it perfectly! The best part is the little sister and mom were able to wear the color they felt great in and the men were not forced to purple. The outfits show a little bit of their personality and allows them to stand out to the level that they feel most comfortable at. Could not have been more perfect when we noticed that the field we started pictures in had purple flowers growing in it!

You can’t always plan that the location you are planing on taking family pictures at will work. We had hopes of going to Hovander Park and taking our sister’s family pictures there. They would of looked great in front of the barn in their brown and red, but when it rains you find a way to work around it. This turned out to be a wonderful session in Joe’s parents home. The colors they chose still kept them the focus and location gave it more of that feeling of home it where your heart is. (more from this session)

If only every family was able to have twins that could give you the best color inspiration for family photos. Plaids are a wonderful way to bring several colors that a family is wearing together. (Also make it easier on the photographer to tell the twins apart.)

The best thing to remember is to wear something You feel comfortable and yourself in.